Moral decline is best when fermented. In fact I plan on having some tonight. We do that really well here.
Maybe some sort of cannibal-teen sex issue next week?
"Steve Humphrey and Tim Keck have fermented moral decline to the point that child prostitution is inevitable."

While I agree with the first part of this statement--it is obvious that Humphrey and Keck live to ferment (and foment) moral decline--I disagree that child prostitution is inevitable. It is only through continued effort on the part of Humphrey and Keck, not to mention Dan Savage, that we will soon live in a glorious kingdom of testicle-eating, Western-sensibility-offending, sexual depravity, including, but not limited to, child prostitution.

It's wonderful to see Julian Lee giving credit where credit is due, but you mustn't let it go to your heads. There is still work to be done (and human testicles for cat-headed ladies to consume).
It's name after Humphrey? She's right, that is cute.
"This highly sexed newspaper, where 'anything goes"

"The Portland Mercury's purpose and commercial strategy appears to be: Break cultural taboos, cross every line."

This post makes our job seem way cooler than it really is.
This is by far the best thing I've voted on today.
I'd just like to add: dicks.
from the comments-

And nice try at sneaking in homosexuality as a "cause." Steven Humphrey and Dan Savage are both openly gay. And Dan Savage is in a gay marriage, with an adopted son. About which he writes as the experience of responsibility.

Does Steve's wife know?
Actually, NO, the HUMP! amateur porn fest is NOT named for me, and YES, Keck and I are doing our best to foment moral decline. VOTE CHOICE #1! VOTE CHOICE #1!
Did this 60 year old virgin write that crap?…
And YES, I am gayβ€”in a Glee kind of way.
Slippery slope argument! 20 point penalty.

You guys, breakin' all the rules, crossin' every line, gleamin' the cube... You must all wear sunglasses, too.
That is amazing. That comment should be the front page of the paper next week. And every issue should have as a byline: "Portland Mercury: The highly sexed newspaper where anything goes!"
Also - I can't believe she didn't mention the Lille ads!
Is it jut me or has Julian Lee, Matt Davis, and everyone else missed the point? This problem has nothing to do with the Mercury. and it's a problem that can only be fixed with two things: 1)food carts, and 2)bicycles.
Your moral decline is my morale improvement.
Umm...has anybody looked at Mr. Lee's profile?
If this internship is not the mainline to the child pornography ring, then I am decidedly misinformed and have no idea what I'm doing here.

Wow. Nice bait and switch, Merc.
Ooooh, YOU guys are the reason I've started to frequent prostitutes. This will make it much easier to come clean to my wife.
The last time PAC looked at me like I was a piece of meat, I assumed it was a metaphorical thing. Now... now I'm not sure what to feel.

Still kinda flattered though.
Only Sue Sylvester can tell us whether Wm. Steven Humphrey is gay.

And adding Julian Lee to any story is going to automatically make it more awesome and hilarious.
I always kinda thought Humpy was bi but whatever.
But not come clean on her, rite?
Julian Lee sounds like one of your most loyal readers. He must have read every page for who knows how long. I bet he can't wait for the next issue.....
I most strongly disagree with the Portland Mercury being called "hip".

It can't be; I read it.
I am not Julian.
I am not Julian.
Julian Lee's website is probably the most bizarre white power site I've visited (this afternoon).

He's like a hippie nazi.
"Hey cannibalism...jou're lookin' GOOD....can I buy you anozher jrink???"
Wow, I had no idea that the Merc had that much power.
I thought Republicans were for children having a decent work ethic? The only reason this is a story is because in red states they don't pay children to have sex with them they just rape them.
It has to be a fuckface similar to his kind that fucks with our distro boxes.

Flex that moral muscle!!!
I grew up in a pot smoking liberal beach town in Orange County California. When I was young there was actually a massive riot on the beach because some cops told these ladies to put their clothes back on. Well it was liberal, until the Christian Coalition declared war on the "drugs and queers."

Have you seen Harvey Milk? Orange county was like ground zero for the culture war.
It's weird to think that people don't remember the "culture war." Well long story short, the neo-conservative movement mobilized a human wave of immigration to southern California. "To clean up the hippies and the fags." It was their god damn rallying cry.
My home, a lovely beach town turned into Baywatch, and was paved over with condos.

A lot of people from there, moved here.

Now south Cali's a hotbed of Minutemen, Racist Skin Heads, and Tea baggers. Most people don't remember a time when it wasn't conservative as fuck. Well that was the 80's. If you can't remember it, then head down to Beulaland for some 80's night.
My current roommates just moved up in exile from all that conservative bullshit.

To get to the point here.. We live in a bubble. A bubble I like. I've been out side of the Pacific Northwest and a lot of it sucks.

Child prostitution is terrible. I think that's obvious. This Julian Lee guy is a turd. Again, obvious. The thing is we shouldn't write off the sick reality that neo-liberal turds like Julian Lee have ruined good places before. Mocking concern over child pornography because the Turd Julian Lee decided to couch it a Trojan Horse of anti liberalism is a bad idea.

Just saying.. "Keep Portland weird?"

~Michael b.

Julian Lee has been watching to many Sid Davis productions.

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