This makes perfect sense if you had heard the reports that he was spotted there and were waiting for an update. Don't make fun of this, it's very sad. Go tease Cornelia Signeur.
I don't get it.
Another really funny headline: The Holocaust did not not happen!
[Previous incorrect headline] /= [correct headline]

Thanks, Angela.

Next intern, please...
I love local news, too! I like local newscasters the most, but print stuff is good, too.

This headline here isn't very funny, but your site has some good ones.
I also don't get it.
I thrice don't get it either.
Hey guys, the joke is that Wal-Mart contains LOTS of boys, and pretty much all of them aren't Kyron Horman. So telling us that a boy spotted in Wal-Mart isn't Kyron isn't really telling us anything. The story obviously explains why this is news. But, taken by itself, the headline is fairly meaningless. Get it?!

Please wait...

and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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