The New York Times has a love affair with Portland.

This week's ode: 36 hours in the "West Coast urban cool" hub. Check out the photo spread, complete with the token mustachioed man:


Over the past few years, the Times has written a handful of stories, mostly travel, on the splendors of PDX, drooling at cheap food cart fare, gaping at the well-lit packs of bike commuters and tilting their head in admiration at each independent, quirky business. Reporter Matt Gross summed up the Times' infatuation best in his 2009 report: "I discerned a characteristic of Portland that would enchant me over the course of a week, as I explored restaurants and bars, artisanal cafes and mushrooming food carts, funky neighborhoods and weird little museums."

Here's the thing: Over the five or so years Portland has been on the Times' trendy radar, we haven't changed much.

Three reporters gushed over the Ace hotel, known for its free bike rentals to guests and recycled furniture. SE Clinton's Broder, the Scandinavian brunch spot, and Hopworks' bike bar were also repeat hits. Of course, Saturday Market and the wealth of food carts were a top stop. This most recent update doesn't veer far from the course, with a visit to ¿Por Que No? (not the Times' first, of course) and the Crystal Ballroom. Creative, much?

If you're truly set on being the East Coast Portlandia, New York, it's time to expand your PDX horizons.