We just received the following email from the media coordinator over at David Douglas school district in regards to the six-year-old girl who was swept away in the flooded Clackamas River and is presumed dead.

Please pass this along to relevant reporters and editors. The David Douglas School District has been informed that members of the news media are approaching the Snegur family home, and knocking on the door in hopes of speaking to someone. The family has gotten word to us and asked that the media please respect the families wishes. Please do not approach the family home. Thank you.

Dan McCue
Communications Director
David Douglas School District

Let me translate that for those members of the media that still don't get it: YOU ARE THE WORST. Fuck what your assignment editor told you, fuck what your idiot journalism teacher told you. If you think you're honoring the "public's right to know" by pestering these people in a moment of crisis and mourning, you know who you are—and YOU ARE THE WORST.

(Above translation translated: I am mad.)