"The evil is gone from here... THE EVIL IS GONE!!!"

P.S. I know I've said in the past that KOIN is "the WORST" but I was wrong. KATU is and always shall be "THE WORST!!"
KATU is a stand-alone argument for the need to teach critical thinking in public schools.
You douchebags look almost like real journalists when compared with this shite.
Hey KATU--ever hear of a little phenomenon called DEINSTITUTIONALIZATION? That's where--sometimes in the name of personal civil rights but more often in the name of budget--we release people from mental health centers, who are not really all that mentally healthy. Is the service facility responsible for that phenomenon? No. So why go to the hospital to bitch...especially when the people who ARE (were) responsible are all gathered in Salem this month?
K2 loves to play the fearmongering card. Last week, it was all, "Does a SEX OFFENDER live next door to YOU?" Seriously, they are pandering to the easily-outraged and obsessively fear-cripped, a.k.a. people who watch television news.
"Tonight, from the station that brought you a reporter sitting in a chair in a newly-installed bike lane at 11am to prove no one commutes via that bike lane..."
mental patients are on the loose...and commenting on blogtown!
"Prisoners" on the loose eh? I suspect that this "investigator" didn't even get through the first couple of paragraphs of the relevant laws and procedures since it's.... uh.... not a prison. The word is "patient" and that reporter should have his spooky music permission taken away for such fearmongering.

However, I will concede that some public attention to conditions at the hospital may be warranted. As an Investigative Blogtown Commenter, I did some research and found this relevant video of an ACTUAL ESCAPE from OSH:
I am glad that it was pulled, but are they going to make it right with a retraction? I challenge KATU to make it fully correct!
Where's an air horn when you need one?
For years the film prop hydropathy table sat in the office of the superintendent's office (which more than one picked up for me demonstrating their superiority over patients, doctors, me, indian chiefs, gap-toothed secretaries, various Willamette valley rockstars, fast-trigger cops, ladies who lunch at the Town Club and all other bastards.) It seems to have disappeared during recent renovations, and is probably sitting in someone's garage. Look for it a Salem-area estate sale in 20+ years.
Just FYI, it was the state NAMI organization - NAMI Oregon - that sent the action alert.
laugh all you want (and you should), but there are more than a few mentally disturbed people wandering the streets of P town

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