You forgot the most important part. Tmz is directly profiting on posting such videos, something that's only legal because these celebrities are considered "public figures" whose right to privacy apparently doesn't count.
Paul - I completely agree, but sites like Gawker (really *all* of the Gawker Media sites, including the beloved Jezebel) are notorious for their shitty reporting, click-bait headlines, moral double-standards, and exploiting tragedy for internet traffic. So I guess your complaint doesn't come as much of a surprise to me.

Look, I work in digital marketing. I work closely with people who buy and sell all sorts of ads, and with websites that make money from ads. Every single time any of us visits a Gawker Media website we're giving them ad revenue. And they know we'll click on their juicy links from our Facebook feeds because they specifically write them to be provocative.

If you're not interesting in an all-out boycott of websites like Gawker, and you just absolutely *have* to read their terrible stories, may I kindly suggest running Adblock Plus or something similar, so you're at least not making them any money?
The more gory videos from the aftermaths of car accidents we see, the better. Whether a celebrity is involved or not, the more we're exposed to the horrible carnage that can and does result from inattentive/careless/drunken/aggressive driving, maybe the more some of us will finally get our heads out of our asses and cease driving like arbitrary assassins.

Slow down and pay fucking attention.
I actually agree with you on something for once. The people involved are human beings and not to be exploited

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