Mercury Staff

Times are particularly fraught right now in Portland. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have clear eyes on City Hall as well as the movers and shakers who influence them. And here at the Portland Mercury, we make that our number one priority. History shows us again and again that when citizens are troubled, politicians and the wealthy will try to exploit that unease to advance their own priorities—often to the detriment of those with much less power and influence.

Our reporting puts those people and organizations in the spotlight, digging deep, and exposing the real reasons why they are pushing a particular agenda. Here are just a few of the important stories the Mercury has been reporting on that protect those who really need it.

City Funding for Community-Led Gun Violence Programs Off to a Slow Start

In Response to Texas Abortion Ban, Portland Directs $200,000 to Support Reproductive Health Providers

Far-Right, Antifascist Protesters Fight in NE Portland; Police Refuse to Intervene

How Flawed Population Data Conceals the Reality of COVID for Oregon Pacific Islanders

City Officials Say They’re Eager to Resolve Police’s Non-Compliance with DOJ Settlement; Community Groups Skeptical

“Nikki, thank you”: Sentencing and Vigil Bring Closure for Loved Ones of Murdered Trans Teen

This is just a sample of the reporting the Mercury produces every day. It’s journalism that centers the people who are directly affected by the city’s decisions. That’s why it’s so important for the marginalized to have a voice that speaks for them. That’s the Mercury—but we simply can’t do that without you. Advertising alone may have been enough to break even in the good old days of newspapers, but we live in a different world now. If you believe excellent journalism that puts the marginalized first and exposes those who exploit fear for their own gain is important, then please consider making a monthly contribution to the Portland Mercury. Your money goes directly to pay for stories like the ones listed above, and nowhere else.

So if you want to continue seeing clear-eyed journalism that holds Portland’s most powerful accountable, please contribute to the Portland Mercury. We’re working hard every day for you and those who need it most. And we truly appreciate you.