Did ya miss it? The Mercury Music Hour broadcasts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at noon on 910 AM, on HD radio at 94.7 Too, and streaming online at Episode 3 hit the airwaves this week, and it's a special, all-PDX Pop Now! show. Every band this week is also playing the three-day fest that begins this evening, so if you didn't get a chance to check it out on the radio this week, we've got you covered. Lots of local music for you!


The Mercury Music Hour: Episode 3


Playlist after the jump!

1. Brainstorm - Split the Lark (from Battling Giants)
2. Blue Horns - Let's Go Hunting (from Blue Horns)
3. I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House - Montana (from The Sounds of Dying)
4. Shoeshine Blue - All the Pretty Women (from Howl at the Wooden Moon)
5. Luck-One & Dekk - '80s Back (from Beautiful Music)
6. Reporter - Total Fascination (from Time Incredible)
7. AU - RR vs. D (from Versions)
8. Tu Fawning - The Felt Sense (from Hearts on Hold)
9. Grey Anne - Adelaide (from Facts n Figurines)
10. Parenthetical Girls - Evelyn McHale (from Privilege Part 1)
11. Ylang Ylang - Haunted Seeds (unreleased; forthcoming on Jackpot Records)
12. The Joggers - Back to the Future (from Solid Guild)
13. Aan - Heart Is the Ocean (from I Could Be Girl for You)
14. Typhoon - White Liars (from Hunger and Thirst)