Hey gang. How's it going. Rainy, right. Yeah. We know. Well, maybe we can cheer you up. As you well know, you can listen to the Mercury Music Hour when it broadcasts every week at noon on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on 910 AM, on HD radio at 94.7 Too, and streaming online at Oh. You missed this week's episode. Shoot. Well, that's okay. We have this week's episode for you here.


The Mercury Music Hour: Episode 19


Playlist after the jump, guys.

1. Mean Jeans - "RU Mental"
2. Anchor Down - "Bromancing the Stones"
3. The Taxpayers - "The Windows Break"
4. LKN - "Roll the Bones"
5. Dead Moon - "It's O.K."
6. Loch Lomond - "Elephants and Little Girls"
7. Mighty Ghosts - "The Type of Gals I Know"
8. And And And - "Ain't S**t Changed"
9. The Decemberists - "Down by the Water"
10. Dolorean - "Tired Eyes"
11. Will West & The Friendly Strangers - "Everytime"
12. Joshua English - "Nickel In"
13. Blind Pilot - "Look at Miss Ohio"
14. Mirah - "Generosity"
15. Natasha Kmeto - "Want You Too"
16. White Hinterland - "No Logic"
17. Braille (feat. Rob Swift) - "The IV"