That show was complete garbage. I was sad that I$$a had a better showing than anyone else and his mic did not work for two songs. Thug did not have any vocal stamina, and really looked just too high or too sick to really perform. This was an overpriced $30 DJ set.
Mercury's review is inaccurate and irresponsible.

I'm a fan, but this was literally the worst show I've ever seen. It was a karaoke sampler, not a live performance.

After the last opener, there was over an hour of bullshit playlist music. When Young Thug finally went on, THERE WAS NO DJ. YOUNG THUG RAPPED ON TOP OF HIS OWN PRE-RECORDED MIXTAPE TRACKS. When he stopped rapping, you cold hear his pre-recorded voice on every song. Like rapping over a store CD.

On top of that, he only did part of each song, like a sample on iTunes. Then, after much less than an hour, he just walked off stage without any warning. We waited longer to see him between the last opener and his appearance than his actual performance.

Young Thug owes everyone at Roseland an apology and a refund.

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