Grab your galoshes, it's going to be a wet 'n' wild roller derby weekend out at the good ol' Hangar. Tonight sees a friendly matchup between the lovely lassies of the High Rollers as they gamble for a win against the Hellbound Homewreckers of Tacoma's Dockyard Derby Dames. That bit of Northwest brawling goes down tonight at 8 pm, $7 (tix at the door).

Then Saturday's game looks like a ton o' fun, with Portland's B-team, the Axles of Annhilation, battling the drizzly derby dames of Centralia's Rainy City Roller Dolls. Saturday, The Hangar, 6 pm, $14-20 (tickets here). Also, anyone else getting excited to watch the Wheels of Justice strut their stuff at Championships in Denver next weekend? See y'all at Paddy's for a viewing party next Friday. Go Pegacorns!