After yesterday's "done deal" Dwight-Howard-to-Jersey-Gerald-Wallace-to-Orlando-lots-'o-draft-picks-to-Portland trade fell apart, the final remaining free agency blip on the Blazers' radar will likely be addressed today. Jamal Crawford, the gifted offense weapon and former Sixth Man of the Year winner, is supposed to decide today which team he will call home in 2011-12 and beyond: Sacramento or Portland. The Blazers are the superior option, but the Kings' loose playing style under head coach Paul Westphal might be a better fit for the shot-happy Crawford. Evidently, he's really "torn" by this looming decision.

Well, this is where us Blogtownies can help.

Like so many bored NBA players, Crawford is a constant fixture on Twitter and he happily interacts with all of his fans (he's like Sam Elliott, but with a crossover move). Since Crawford is on the cusp of making such a monumental decision, perhaps we can help sway him towards choosing Portland? Own a small business? Send Crawford a tantalizing offer (12% off a teddy at Honeysuckle's Lingerie on 82nd!), or maybe just sell the free agent on how awesome it is to live here in Portland. Unlike Sacramento, I heard it never rains in Portland. NEVER!

I did my part. Now it's your turn.

8:10 update:
Looks like Marcus Camby beat you to it.

10:40 update:
Looks like "sources" say Crawford has chosen the Blazers. The deal is rumored to be two years, $10 million. The team will probably have to amnesty Brandon Roy's contract before making it official.

It worked! Aw crap, now I have to give him free drinks.