In a scene all too familiar to Blazers fans, Portland came up short while on the road, falling 93-89 to the Utah Jazz last night. In a scene all too familiar to Blazers fans, a Portland player left the game with a horrifying knee injury. But other than those things, how was your Monday?

Nicolas Batum was the latest Blazer to be helped off the hardwood as he "twisted" (his words) or "fucked that shit up" (my words) his knee during the game's final minute. Wanna watch a French man suffer? Fine, click here. He downplayed the incident after the game, but a MRI today will determine if Batum is the first Blazers knee-related casualty of this season (other than Oden, I guess) or if his injury just looked worse than it actually was. Regardless, I am purchasing this oh-so-clever domain name.

Nearly as alarming as witnessing Batum's knee snap in two is how the Blazers once again collapsed when not surrounded by the Chalupa-starved masses at the Rose Garden. Now 3-8 on the road, Portland had little excuse to lose to a Utah team that was absent their top scorer in Al Jefferson. Yet they did. The usual suspects—Wesley Matthews, a turnover prone Jamal Crawford, a turnover eating Raymond Felton—all played their part in this latest meltdown. Toronto, Cleveland, New York, Minnesota—all of these teams have fared better away from home than Portland has this season. This fact isn't as looming as today's MRI results, but the Blazers inability to pick up wins outside of Portland is going to be a real issue in the coming months.

...and exhale. The MRI robot says Batum has a left knee bone contusion. He'll be day-to-day.