To say that Sunday's Rose City Rollers game in Philadelphia against the #1-ranked Gotham Girls Roller Derby was wheels-deep bonkers exciting is such an understatement. Plus, the internet has been gawping at a new roller derby move from our all-star team in purple and white, which they debuted at the game. Let me introduce you to the "Pegassist" from our Pegacorn-loving Wheels of Justice. The roller derby world ain't seen nothing like this:

Look to the right on the inside line, where our blocker will grab onto our jammer and "throw" her over the line and in front of the pack.

The Break Neck Betties' Frisky Sour has a great write-up on her blog about the move. In other Rose City vs. Gotham news... we lost. But it was the most points that any team has ever scored against Gotham (them NYC gals cream every team they encounter, like a game in April where they trounced Long Island 630-65). Rose City lost star jammer Scald Eagle to an ankle injury after only one jam, and nearly lost primo jammer White Flight to a hard hit that saw a stretcher on the track, but she recovered! It was a real worry wart of a bout. And Portland got close, but it wasn't enough to defeat those Yankees of roller derby. Final: Gotham 226, Rose City's Wheels of Justice 171.

Get another fix of live, in-person Rose City Rollers kick-assedness (is too a word!) this weekend. Friday sees a double header with the fantastic skaters of Portland's junior league, the Rosebuds, fighting each other for a home-team game. Go see this! They're so fun to watch. Right after that game is the all-star Wheels of Justice sacking Sacramento's travel team from the Sacred City Derby Girls. I say "sacking" because I'm pretty damned sure they're going to get a thrubbing. That game is FREE! Friday, June 29, Rainbow Bites vs. Little Red Riveters, the Hangar at Oaks Park, 7 pm, $14-20, tix; WOJ vs. Sacred City, approximately 8:30 pm, FREE (but ticketholders from the Rosebuds game will already be seated)

Then Saturday is our B all-star team the Axles of Annihilation bumping butts with Sacred City. Saturday, June 30, the Hangar at Oaks Park, 8 pm, $14-20, tix