I heard Teote is going to have it on at their back patio. I'll probably catch a few games there.
Beulahland on NE 28th, 1 or 2 blocks N of Burnside.
Ratskeller in Government Camp will be showing all the matches.
Turn Turn Turn on Killingsworth and Williams ended up being the best non bro-dog place in town to watch the Blazers playoff run, and they're showing world cup games.
4-4-2 on 18th & Hawthorne!
Scooter McQuades. Open at 9am just for the World Cup.
River Pig Saloon on NW 13th is showing every single game and opening at 9am.
The Horse Brass had a good atmosphere for the big games last time, so long as you avoid the food. Kells is the best downtown option if you can get a seat (and have time to wait for service).

(by the way, anyone know somewhere in Hood River that will be showing games this weekend?)
Years ago, I brought my friend from Germany to Portland. The World Cup was going on at that time. He insisted that it was going to be everywhere, though I denied it. We went to my local pub in Portland and after pool was over on ESPN8 (or whatever) the World Cup came on. My German friend was appalled that it wasn't a big deal, but finally he could watch it. Just then, someone in the bar yelled, "What is this shit? Turn it off!" Everyone cheered. And they turned the channel to dominos.

Imagine my utter disappointment when I moved back home to Portland years later to find that everyone had fucking sold out and decided to go ultra-mainstream.
My couch and channel 47 (viva Univision!), with my granola and coffee at 9 am.
Pretty much everything in Portland is "within walking distance of downtown". And just think, walking, you can beat the streetcar!
Is anywhere showing replay matches, aside from 442?
World Cup Beer Garden is replaying one game each day at 5pm
Hello! Beulahland in Portland on NE 28th, a year round soccer bar/restaurant is showing every match on two big screens. I'm here right now watching Columbia v. Greece and can't wait to watch England v. Italy later today. The food is really good and the sound is loud. I like a place that is dedicated to football. The owner, Jimmi is always around which means the place runs smoothly and the screens are always on the right channel! Beulahland shows Premier League games super early as well.

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