Of course it's a strident and ahistoric political symbol. One group is tarring any group that disagrees with them with a pejorative; fascist. Unless those that oppose whatever the auntie fays crowd's opinion du jour is actually call themselves "fascists" it's patently obvious it's meant as an insult to those who disagree with the mob. So how is it different from any other political sloganing?


It mystifies me that trolls go to all lengths to have a presence on every message board to support fellow fascist/racist people that have attacked our city in recent months.
The position of Nazis and far-right fringe has been to mainstream itself for years. The internet in which they conduct their primary discourse has allowed them to do this in the form to f the alt-right. You know, those Nazis you saw in Charlotsville Those same people marched in our city this past weekend. They have succeeded in mainstreaming hatred and simplistic solutions ( blaming minorities) in order to appeal to people who are easily manipulated or who already harbor bigoted views.
There were two murders here two years ago as a result of this . How these groups can justify this (as well as being the number one domestic terrorism threat) and still remain "legitimate" to anyone me is sickening.
How is it, in the twenty-first century is it controversial to be anti-fascist? My grandfathees and great-uncles fought against this in the biggest war in human history.
These people marched through my neighborhood recently, threatening my neighbors and vandalizing a union hall. To anyone versed in history this should be terrifying. And they aren't going away. People stood by while the problem grew years ago culminating in a man's brutal slaying at the hands of people espousing the selfsame nonsense.
They now have a different location look, they have a platform but they are a threat. They might not brand themselves as fascist because it's off-putting but the nonsense they spew is identical.


PDXPV, thank you. Nothing I could write would amplify your comments except to note that it has to be rebuked every. time. Ignoring the trolls in this case is the bad form. That normalizes them, as you say. Stop it dead in its tracks.


You are making massive assumptions sbout people you don't know, seemingly simply because they appear to hold opinions (that you presume to define for them) you don't like. But is a brilliant example of why MLS needs to keep political symbols like this one out of their stadiums, the attitude that "your opinions are politics, my opinions are righteousness" is sickening and absurdly pompous.


Thanks for the reportage.

But what happens when the distasteful and worse factions of the right bring their political symbols and flags into any one of the MLS stadiums across the country?


This is a captivating and valuable piece, Abe - thank you!


Great work, Abe. Always enjoy reading your recaps and previews. This piece is particularly on point. Proud of the TA! Solidarity with Sounders supporters is a rare but uplifting in this case. #AUnitedFront

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