Answer me this: who is going to decide what is a good political protest symbol or a bad political protest symbol at a game? Once you allow anti-discrimination symbols inside the stadium how do you ban hate symbols inside the stadium:

There is no MLS symbol adjudication council that can react fast enough to evolving symbols.

Hate symbols may be unlikely in Portland, but that does not mean they are unlikely somewhere else in the US.

That is the point of the MLS policy.

The Mercury and some of the Timbers Army cannot see that, and no one is discussing that.

The for-profit sports business promotes emotional passion at the games (well maybe not boring AF baseball). Combining that with even more emotional political energy - where opposing politics might be together in the game or immediately after, in our age of Trump rallies, Fox news, and wacko right wing radio, is a bad idea at games.

Timbers fans with their symbols at street protests would be a more powerful and welcome.


No league that bans antifascist symbols has any right to claim to oppose fascism. And there can be no decent reason to be neutral between antifascism and fascism. Fascism is not a "strongly held opinion"; it is support for hatred and murder. How difficult is it to understand this? Antifascism=good; fascism=evil.

It's not possible to oppose fascism if you can't display it everywhere.


Interesting how Nazis always seem to reveal themselves in the peculiar and distinctive slang they use.


There it is again!

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