Waitasecond... Im starting to think that maybe people dislike me.
"Waitasecond... I'm starting to think that maybe people dislike me." Courtesy MLB

I'm sure you've heard all about it, but the joy this clip brings is a thing of national pride.

Trump attended World Series game five at Nationals Park in Washington, DC last night, and while the patriotic crowd wildly cheered the veterans who appeared on the Jumbotron, the president got a decidedly different reaction: Loud, sustained boos and chants of "Lock him up."

His reaction to this booing was similarly perfect—and exactly what you'd expect from a narcissist.

Interestingly, if this had been any other president who had been involved over the weekend with the hunting and killing of a deadly ISIS leader, they would've been cheered. Instead, #LockHimUp and #TrumpBooed have been trending all morning, which goes to show how Trump's overwhelming number of crimes and despicable racist/sexist behavior has wildly overshadowed any of his few accomplishments.

And yet? Certain Democrats and supposedly left-leaning media types can't wait to spoil our patriotic fun.

(Note the overwhelming whiteness and maleness of their panel. Sheesh.)



Happily, Twitter came back at these dummies—and HARD.


There's a lot to unpack here, such as...

a) The thoughtless hot takes from Morning Joe, Nate Silver, and Sen. Coons are perfect examples of what some of these same people have been warning us against: the normalization of Trump's behavior. The argument that "we must respect the presidency, if not the president" doesn't work when the presidency is dangerously close to being an authoritarian regime.

b) The media has been rightly criticized for focusing too much on the opinions of single Trump voters in rural areas, allowing them far more airtime than their selfish ideas deserve. The sound of thousands booing Trump is an antidote for the disparity in this coverage.

And c) Privilege—the most infuriating part of their defense. Nate Silver calls for "giving the president one good day"? When has Trump given immigrants "one good day"? When has he given the environment "one good day"? When has he given anyone except his fellow rich friends/racists/misogynists "one good day"? The time for being patient and offering forgiveness to a system which has elected and supported the most despicable American president in history has come and gone. It's past time to remove Trump from office, convict him, lock him up—and even more importantly—fix the broken parts of our government that allowed Trump to happen.

In any case, this beautiful example of defiance in the face of authoritarianism has produced some A-plus Twitter jokes: