Last night a few hundred people convened at PNCA, some dressed in white, some carrying blank white signs, and walked across the Broadway Bridge to Leftbank to join the line of people waiting to get into the Works. It was a surreal-looking procession, I imagine, but I was too excited for music and fun and friends and drinks to really get into the idea of embodying blankness. Nice night, though.

Leftbank is a fantastic space for the Works, with an in-progress feel because the building is, well, literally unfinished. The visual art installations are downstairs, including little individual screening rooms for videos, while upstairs there's a stage, a bar, a cafe, two seating areas with furniture made of rolls of cardboard, and a giant beer garden out back where a taco truck is parked. I didn't pay too much attention to the performances, to be honest--the room that the stage is in is probably smaller than it should be, and it was packed and about a million degrees during Deelay Ceelay's set.

Things to know: Drinks are expensive, mixed drinks $6, micros $5, Sessions $4. Plan accordingly. Cash only, but there's an on-site ATM. Bathrooms are Port-a-potties, but there are plenty of them and they seemed clean enough.

I really recommend stopping by, just to check out the space. Last night was a lot of fun.

Tonight at the Works, Neal Medlyn, singing Beyonce, and Ice Rod. Here's a Neil Medlyn video that made me so uncomfortable I had to stop watching after fifteen seconds.

The photos used in this post were very very very kindly sent to me by Allen Ink's Johnathon Allen. I'll post some more after the jump.




(The big "Hush hush" mural in the photos was painted as the night went on, and made me hungry for a falafel. )