Here's what you missed at today's Labor Day Picnic at Washington High School:


(When I complained about the lack of three-legged races, Mercury Food Editor Patrick Coleman—whose inner child apparently went to a Waldorf School—said, "But that would be competitive, see." Snort.)

You also missed picnicking, square dancing, produce sharing, hot dogs, and FREE PICKLE SAMPLES from Pickleopolis. Some more photos from the picnic and the Works (including my entry in Stephen Slappe's Halloween costume cavalcade) after the jump.


There were a lot of really cute kids having a really good time at the Works today—whether painting the car above, throwing foam rubber rocks at one another in Fawn Krieger's National Park, or building towers in Jesse Hayward's Forever Now and Then Again


The Bread Friend Map, which invites participants to eat a piece of bread (not pictured; Grand Central?), put a sticker on the wall with your name on it, and then draw a line to your friends. Okey dokey, "participatory art," I'll do that, and thanks for reinforcing how few friends I have. Perhaps tomorrow you could pick me last for kickball?

Oh, but look at this clever couple:


Tee hee.

There's a really excellent display case upstairs featuring index cards written by students to the Katrina refugees who were at one point scheduled to stay at Washington High School:


It's full of platitudes and weird advice on things to do in Portland. Taken together, the cards are "charming and brutish at the same time," as Courtney put it. That one says, "Let's Hope it's a Blizzard Next!," and in the corner, small, "Try our fruits." (Plus, these kids are bourgie little things! One recommends visiting the Japanese Gardens; another, sushi at Marinopolis.)

Stephen Slappe's installation consists solely of a video stream of people in Halloween costumes, and people are invited to submit their own. I did; say hi to li'l Alison if you see me in there:


Note: A hot dog. Not, as my grade school principal incorrectly identified me at my fifth grade Halloween assembly in front of the entire school, a taco. Submit your own photo, or check out an online image gallery, here.