I've been covering TBA as a journalist, in some capacity or another, for the last six years. In that time I have developed this survival kit. Wanna know what it contains? Hit the jump!

1. Laptop Computer for posting from a bar after having your brain ripped out by a performance.

2. A "smart phone" to send a constant stream of tweets [consider @mercarts or @lastsup, won't you]. Phone can also be tethered to laptop to become a mobile hotspot. Also acts as backup camera for uploading video and/or pictures of festival madness.

3. Reporters notebook

4. A selection of pens

5. A moleskin, or other personal journal, which will hold all of the embarrassing poetry and prose you will almost assuredly be inspired to write. (Keep that shit away from the blog.)

6. A comb (for some reason this seems important)

7. A well-thumbed copy of the TBA Guide (available at any venue)

8. TBA Media Pass

9. Eye drops (No. It's for allergies.)

10. Portable bamboo cutlery (because, why not?)

11. Emergen'C or similar anti-hangover powders

12. A magazine to pass the time while you avoid talking to other festival goers as you wait in line for the next performance

13. Breath strips, mints, or gum

14. Chapstick

15. Chocolate

16. Energy drinks

17. Bottle of water (they'll make you dump it at the Works, but, whatever)

18. Snacks

19. Hoodie

20. Some small bottles of booze to be consumed before you enter your venue, or stashed outside where they can be retrieved quickly after harrowing performances

21. A book of matches

If you were single you would also carry:

Condoms and a pack of cigarettes. Yes, you don't smoke, but someone who you want to have sex with will probably ask you for one. Be prepared.

Not pictured:

Digital camera. Cash money.