So here's the thing about most of my friends: like me, a lot of them are on a pretty tight budget here in PDX (fun-employment is what they're calling it) which usually leaves room for a couple tall boys and possibly a movie at The Laurelhurst as a way to spend a Friday night. So when I tell them that they should come to some TBA:10 stuff with me, the convo usually doesn't go so well.

Me: Dude come to Mike Daisy tonight! He's amazing, he talks about Apple computers, and he owns an ipad!

Anonymous friend: That sounds pretty cool. How much is it?

Me: I think tickets are like $25...

Anonymous friend: Get the fuck out of here! Seriously. If you don't leave, I'm going to beat you with the sack of quarters that is my life savings.

And thus I realized, for many of my friends this festival just isn't on their radar when ticket prices exceed the $10 range.

But wait! All is not lost. TBA:10 this year has a ton of cheap and free programming lined up so that anyone and everyone can come see some of the art that is taking over our city. However, you kinda have to dig through the PICA materials to find the gems. Which takes some work. But guess what? I fucking did the work for you! I'm going to update the blog every day with the cheap and free events happening throughout the festival on the day that they're happening. Sound good?

Follow me after the jump for all of your TBA:10 cheap and free events of the day!

Happening today (and next Sunday): Dan Gilsdorf - Free!

Happening today (and the 15th & 16th): HARD EDGE, HARD WORK - $8!

Happening today: The Short Films of Dayna Hanson - $8!

Happening today: Shirin Neshat - $8!

Happening Tonight: Art Party, Curated by Jenny Hoyston and Sarah Faith Gottesdiener - $10!

Runs today through October 17th: Anissa Mack - Free!

Runs today through October 23rd: Nina Katchadourian - Free!

And on top of this, the admission to THE WORKS is always free if you're going to see the installations and the galleries. This is a really great way to see a ton of art on the cheap.