I'm going to admit right now that I didn't make it all the way through 10 Tiny Dances at the Works last night. The show didn't start until after 11, and I started to nod off during dance #7. (It didn't help that the show was sold out and the auditorium at WSH gets pretty damn warm.) The show was something of a best-of—6 of the performances were reprisals of past Tiny Dances works.

Standouts before I fell asleep: The athletic Snag, from Carla Mann and Jim McGinn; Kemumaki Yoko's taut, twitchy, robotic No Nukes; the beach-blanket bingo antics of Mike Barber and Cydney Wilkes' Wicked, which won the office pool for first set of boobs at Ten Tiny Dances. (Really, next year, let's have a pool.)

And after extricating myself from the auditorium, I watched from the high-def TV in the beer garden as drag artist Taylor Mac "pulled something out of his butt," and local company tEEth revisited their stage-smashing Splinter: