Artist Steve Matthews creating the Mercurys TBA blog header.

Hello, friendly art-loving art friends! Welcome to the 2012 edition of the Mercury's trusty TBA blog, where it's all Time Based Art, all the... well, you know. PICA's annual contemporary art festival runs from September 6-16—if you don't have a pass yet, you can snag one right over here.

Stuff to look forward to in this space over the next few weeks:

• Reviews! Of everything. Literally. We'll be weighing in on every play, art installation, dance, concert, and ye si"happening." We'll do our best to write about these things in a thoughtful, informed, and lively manner, and you have my solemn oath as blog editor that we will never not employ mocking scare quotes when discussing any event described as a "happening."

• Interviews! Stay tuned for interviews with festival artists and curators, including a giant Q&A with visual art coordinator Kristen Kennedy on the new directions she's taking the festival's visual arts coverage.

• News! Sometimes people tell us things! Sometimes there is art drama because I don't know if you have heard but artists are dramatic! Sometimes the food trucks promise tacos and there are no tacos!

• Discussion! I guarantee that I personally will use the phrase "what do you guys think?" at least like 15 times. One of the best parts of TBA is talking about the work—with friends and in blog conversations, as well as following what critics at other outlets have to say. So that's gonna happen.

•Etc! And... you know! Whatever else!

Also! Our comprehensive print guide to TBA hits the streets on Thursday, August 30, as an insert in the regular paper, so pick up a copy wherever your Mercury is served. We'll also be using the @MercArts as both a link dump and for on-the-spot updates, so go follow along over there if you really want to stay in the loop.