• Chef Naoko's Bento Cafe.

This year, TBA is teaming up with Ecotrust and Edible Portland to expand their food offerings beyond the awesome-food-from-trucks approach that's marked the last few years at Washington High. Here's what they've cooked up got planned:

•An outdoor kitchen built on-site at Washington High, where a different chef each night will cook. On the agenda: Boke Bowl, Gruner, Nong's Khao Man Gai, Portabello, and more. (I'll post the whole schedule after the jump.)

•"Blind-tasting bingo": Chefs will provide 15 small bites that blindfolded players will try to identify; the winner snags a bottle of New Deal Vodka. It's $25 to play—tickets and details here.

•A deliciously totalitarian-sounding "Snack Office," based out of Washington High's old principal's office, will sell cheap, seasonal, healthy snacks, provided by Abby's Table's Abby Fammartino.

Here's the lineup for the outdoor kitchen:

September 6, 10pm–2am: Boke Bowl
September 7, 7:30pm–2am: GrÜner
September 8, 7:30pm–2am: The Woodsman Tavern
September 9, 10pm–2am: Artigiano
September 10–12, 7:30pm–2am: Via Tribunali
September 13, 10pm–2am: Portobello
September 14, 7:30pm–2am: Bunk Sandwiches
September 15, 7:30pm–2am: Nong’s Khao Man Gai