A dazzling web of counter-cultural intrigue awaits your troubled soul within the darkened Switchboard corridors this Monday eve. Succumb to its sticky threads and let its magnificent overseer Nomy Lamm--that slinky, sultry, throaty wolf spider of the underground night--suck your comfort bubble away like blood.

A self-described "bad-ass, fat-ass, Jew, dyke, amputee, and performance artist," Lamm grew up in Olympia, Washington, your home for self-made, counter-cultural artistic success. Lamm started up the road less traveled from an early age, and never looked back.

"I was a riot grrl and I was a punk," says Lamm. "I came out of the belief that we're all capable of putting on our own shit, that we don't need to be discovered to do art."

Lamm has truly put on some shit. She's spoken publicly on issues of sexuality and body image, written for magazines like Ms. and Seventeen, and written and performed in multiple pieces of queer punk theater, including a rock opera with the lovely ladies of the Need called The Transfused. Her new show, Effigy Extravaganza (in support of Lamm's new album Effigy), is a surreal blend of electronica, accordion music, and big, beautiful fly girl-style back up dancers that simultaneously celebrates and mocks everything from cabarets to current nauseating trends in pop music.

"The stuff that I've done tends to be political; this is a lot more personal than other work I've done before," says Lamm of Effigy. It's about casting off expectations and assumptions about what we're supposed to be. It's about living in this world with the body that I have. I'm disabled and I'm fat and I'm queer, and it's about finding power in who I am."

Lamm will be joined on her tour by the alterna-rap (alternative lifestyle rap that is! Biddley BAM!) flow of Rigamortis (AKA queer Mexican emcee Tre Vasquez), and the spoken word throwdowns of Sini Anderson, co-host and co-founder of the insanely popular spoken word tour series, Sister Spit. Together the performers will expand your mind into new horizons, and if that's not enough, they'll show you a kick-ass time to boot. JUSTIN WESCOAT SANDERS