In the past few days I've gotten two emails from theater companies who don't normally pitch to me: One from the Oregon Children's Theater, who acknowledged that they don't normally solicit reviews from us because "our demographic is a little different than yours (though many of our audience members need to be reminded to pee before the show starts)." But they think we might like their upcoming production of Alice in Wonderland, a rock opera—featuring a full band—which I'm promised won't be "a Disney skit or a twee Victorian puppet show." That opens October 30—more info here.

And then this morning I got an email from a friend who works at Tears of Joy theater, about a show they're hosting at Disjecta next week, Frankenocchio. It's a show from Seattle that's dropping in here for a weekend. Watch the YouTube. It's totally great. That runs Oct 21-23, more info here.