Theater & Performance Jan 20, 2011 at 4:00 am

Theatre Vertigo's 99 Ways to Fuck a Swan: Smart, Ambitious, and Worth Seeing


Frank Beaton you appear to know that directors are in charge of productions. When you mention flaws without noting whether it is the director or the actor causing them you prevent your reader from gaining an understanding of how artists create art. All your disagreements with the play center originate in stylistic and staging choices. It would have been productive to try and converse with the director about those choices. Once you're familar with Megan Kate Ward's artistic approach, you can intellectually assess her work in a language that helps you, her, and your readers.

" . . . could have been an exercise in tedious experimentalism . . . "--what worthless words. It wasn't. Why could it have been? Because of the play? Or because you expect plays to be bad?

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