Disappointing to hear about Frankenstein, that was the one we were going to check out (we are Cumberbund fans, though). Thanks for the review!
I saw this production of Frankenstein last year, with Cumberbatch as the monster, and I really loved it! But Alison's completely right, the staging doesn't translate to film at all, and it's not a complete experience. I overlooked that because the performances were so good. And I'm much more accustomed to watching filmed plays, rather than live theater, so I'm probably pretty desensitized that way.

Just the same, I do recommend seeing the Cumberbatch/Monster version, because it was really pretty wonderful.
Completely disagree about Frankenstein. Thought it was magnificent (both versions) with Cumberbatch and Miller both excellent as The Creature and Cumberbatch better than Miller as Frankenstein. The sets were superb. Definitely not a show for children or those easily upset.

I have never laughed so hard at a single production as I did at One Man, Two Guvnors. Have never liked slapstick, but it was irresistible!

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