Theater & Performance Nov 14, 2012 at 4:00 am

Inviting Desire: Awkward, Honest, and Everything in Between


Great review, great show!
Delighted that at least one of the papers in town has the courage to review this show! (PCS loss is apparently Dance Naked Productions' gain!) Agreed that it was running too long - which is why I cut two scenes from the first act. The strength and weakness of this format - (the show is entirely original, and all written by the cast) is that people get very attached to what they have written. It's so hard to let stuff go! But as the producer, it's my job to make sure the show is entertaining. First act now runs an hour and ten. And no one is forced to cuddle!
I love the show and am going for a 2nd time this Saturday. A comment on the "unicorn" mention in the critique - that skit isn't about unicorns discussing their sex life. It's about the woman of a couple searching for the inevitably-mythical perfect "other woman" to complete a triad. A very high percentage of men have serious fantasies about being with 2 women at the same time, and a very high percentage of women have serious issues with "their" man being with another woman at the same time as he's with them. Check out… for a detailed discussion of how unlikely the perfect, long-term menage-a-trois truly is.
I thought this was a movie.
So much better than a movie. Real people, live action! Performers so close you could reach out and touch them (and they might just reach out and touch YOU!)
Extended! Yay!

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