Theater & Performance Aug 13, 2014 at 4:00 pm

Stand-up Blew Up—Now It's Improv's Turn


Temple, improv is for hacks. It's *giggle* funny to people who have no off-the-cuff ability at all and are amazed at those who do.
Nothing good ever comes from cover charge 2 drink minimum pictionary games.
I wasn't trying to be funny. Improv is super lame. What's with all the dislikes?
Wow "I'm right" it sounds like you're pretty ignorant of the art form. It's way beyond "2 drink minimum pituitary games." Also, with all of your "off the cuff" abilities, I'm curious. .. where have you done improv?
"Pictionary games"... Though it's way beyond pituitary games too.
Ahh ok now we know who dropped those dislikes on me.

Here's some improv Whitney Johnson why don't you make like a nissan leaf and blow up.


PS: if i was going to riff on your pituitary game blunder i would definitely draw a pictionary of a starfish to mock your lack of secondary sexual characteristics.

or maybe better improv up a Bad Sequel to Hunger Games where the teen contestants don't actually fight but just sit around and viciously mock each other's pathetic lack of secondary sexual characteristics.
the only really effective rebuttal to someone who thinks great improv doesn't exist is showing them good improv. I wish I could transport the Sunday Service's set from last night into this thread.
i had some great top ramen last night. Still some left in a bowl by the sink. Welcome to it.

hope this parable is not lost upon ye.
I'm going to check out of this thread because somehow merely stating my opinion about Improv has become very douchy. Anybody is welcome to whatever hackery they like. I shouldn't have made a stir about it. Maybe it is all good these talent-free stiffs have somewhere to go.

Please wait...

and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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