Chris Larkin, Ayanna Berkshire, and Tamera Lyn
Chris Larkin, Ayanna Berkshire, and Tamera Lyn DAVID KINDER

If you can make it out to see a play this weekend, you should see Wolf Play, at Artists Repertory, before the show ends on Sunday. I saw it last night, and it's an exceptionally strong production with wonderful performances by Christopher Larkin, Ayanna Berkshire, and Tamera Lyn.

TJ Acena reviewed the show for us, and gave it such a glowing recommendation that I immediately bought tickets. The play tells the story of an adopted boy's adjustment to his second adopted family. It's devastating, sweet, laugh-out-loud funny, and, when the play ended, I wished I were still inside it with that family.

As Acena notes in his review:

[Playwright Hansol] Jung tightly layers scenes over each other (director Dámaso Rodríguez makes it look effortless) and pushes the action forward, while also world-building in the wake. As Wolf Play hits its climax, the foundation snaps into focus, and snares you in a trap you didn’t realize you walked into, even as the cast explains what’s going to happen. The production comes off as a feat of theatrical magic. You find yourself moved by the plight of a small, faceless puppet, just like audiences were thousands of years ago.

Read the full review here, or just head on over to the Artists Repertory site and find seats. Don't let this wonderful work pass you by!