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What the hell Tinder?

Hey Texas, Excuse Me, Hey Mayor

Five Virtual Picks from the Seattle Queer Film Festival

Let the hair tell the story…

Savage Love: Mind the Gap

This isn’t rocket science…

If I Ever Run for Governor, Please Don't Vote for Me

AntiPOC Bias Enthusiastically Approved (sarcasm)

it's pretty obvious you are a racist

New Savage Lovecast: Second Opinion with Alexander Cheves

Hand tats


I am not racist, just ask me

From Crush to limp-d*ck in 2 weeks

Hey hey hey, Sprinkle Sprinkle

I hope you are a romantic

Fuck Videogames

New Savage Lovecast: All Hail the Gottmans!

I'm Puzzled

Bus Creep

Dear City Hall Insider.

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