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POP QUIZ PDX: It's Your Weekly Fun, Sassy Quiz for July 23!

Red Rover, Red Rover

Summer Concerts Are Back on Sauvie Island

UPDATED: Police Shoots, Injures Man in NW Portland

A couple a half million here, half million there.

You Surprised me Portland

Baa... baaaa.... BAAAAAAAAAA......

Savage Love: In the Straights

lets cancel tom brady

You don't want us exposing ourselves

Here Are Where the City’s New Houseless Villages May Be Located

Venture to Vancouver for Standout Laotian Food

I appreciate You

Pandemic Babes Expiration

Well it must've been an archaic tongue

Scared to Live Here

Passive aggressive busdrivers?!?!

How are more of you not wearing sunglasses?

You're Dead, For Sure

Brown lawn

Autistic people are some of your servers.

I'll See You in Court

Crushing it.

DOJ Requests Body Cams, New Penalties for Portland Police

Mind your own business

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