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The Wonders of Working Out with Weed

What Do Fitness Experts Say? What Does the Science Say?

Free Self-Defense Classes at Bridgetown Aikido

A Food Critic Finds Fitness

It's All About Hedonism in Moderation

Food Critic Fitness Update: The Human Slingshot

Food Critic Fitness Update: I Can Do a Push Up!

Food Critic Fitness Update: Send New Pants!

A Food Critic's Quest for Fitness Glory

It's Time for Hedonism in Moderation

Exercise Is Not Going to Fix Your Body

But Biomechanist Katy Bowman Says Movement Might

The Purrrfection of Cat Yoga

(Insert Joke Here About Downward Dog)

Air Guitar: The Dumbest Workout You Should Be Doing

Put Down the Kettlebells, and Pick Up Your Air Ax

Tips for Winter Hiking In and Around Portland

Just Because It's Winter Doesn't Mean You Can't Go for a Hike

How to Run a Marathon Without Becoming a Fitness Bro

Can It Be Done? A Recovering Cross-Country Runner Investigates

The World of Alterna-Fitness!

Workouts and Regimens Designed for the Easily Bored

Sweat, Rewind, Repeat

Getting Fit on the Cheap with Classic VHS Workouts

Kegels: Maybe Only Do 'Em if You Want! (Or Never!)

Or, I Asked a Nurse Practitioner a Bunch of Weird Questions About Pelvic Floor Physical Fitness

How to Do Summer: How NOT to Go Hiking

ClassPass & Your Ass

David Lynch Yoga

Filmed by Bike x PINO

Herbal Medicine, Raw Food: Shedding the Winter Stagnation

Fitness Trial: Bar Method Portland

The Mercury's First-Ever "Fitness Issue"

Project 41: A Community Workout with Big Purpose

Honey Badgers & Cobras: Women’s Arm Wrestling

Summer Fitness Dos with Kara Lemmon

Root Whole Body Thailand Yoga Excursion

Honey Badgers & Cobras: Women’s Arm Wrestling for Charity

Studio Blue: The Best Pilates... in the USA?

Get the Thrust?

Summer's Coming—it's Time to... PRANCERCISE!

Dirty Girl Mud Run

The People’s Yoga

Free Classes at StudioX Fitness

Magic Carpet Yoga Mats: The Video

Fun Ways to Burn Flab

Root Whole Body

Hot Yoga For Life

X-Press Boot Camp: In Which I Am A Bridal Cliché

Get your cleanse on with Pure Simple Juice

Four Easy Excercises for a Strong and Sexy Bod

Yoga Pu-Pu Platter: The Movement Center

The Warrior Room

The Spring Classic Duathlon

Yoga Pu-Pu Platter: Root Whole Body

Yoga Pu-Pu Platter: barre 3 Southeast

I Sweat With Richard Simmons

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