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Mayor Wheeler Demands Retraction from the Guardian

Portland Has Strict Standards For Outlawing Sidewalk Sitting—Unless Cops Ask

Now the recent decision to expand no-sit sidewalks has created a headache for Mayor Ted Wheeler

A New 200-Bed Shelter in Old Town Is Inching Forward

The City Just Approved Its Largest Affordable Housing Project in 50 Years

But Not Without Concerns About High Costs and Homelessness

Affordable Housing Could Be Decimated Under the Republican Tax Plan

And Congressman Greg Walden Is Stonewalling Concerned Providers in His District

Hall Monitor: The Earthquake Exemption

Should Building Owners Be Able to Duck Renter Relocation Payments While Performing Seismic Upgrades?

The City Finally Has an Idea of How to Spend Its Housing Bond

Here’s What You Need to Know

Hall Monitor: Dibs!

Chloe Eudaly Wants to Give Tenants and City Officials the First Shot At Buying Rental Properties

The Run-down Stewart Apartments Are a Sanctuary for Poor Portlanders

They Might Be Gone at the End of the Month

Hall Monitor: Renter Relo Can Stay!

The City’s Controversial Tenant Protections Are Legal. What’s Next?

RV Camping Has Exploded on Portland Streets

Now, Cops Are Using State Law to Justify Lightning-Quick Tows

If You Build It...

As Homelessness Spikes, Hundreds of New Shelter Beds Are Being Put to Use

Hall Monitor: The New Villagers

With the Tiny Kenton Women’s Village, Portland’s Taking a Huge Step on Homelessness

As New Renter Protections Face an Uncertain Fate, One Portland Lawmaker is Facing the Heat

But Could the Pressure on Senator Rod Monroe Backfire?

Help Right 2 Dream Too Move This Weekend

In Defense of Avocado Toast

Remember: Trump's Tax Plan Would Kill Affordable Housing

Goat Blocks: A Slap in the Face to Goats and Humanity

Hall Monitor: A Miracle Move for R2DToo?

The Camp’s Latest Proposed Home Could Be Perfect—For A Year or So

R2DToo Has Been Served With an Eviction Notice

Some Landlords Are Abusing a State Fund for Poor Renters

A New Bill from Speaker Tina Kotek Could Help

A Business Owner Was Cleared for Killing a Homeless Man Last Month

But Official Reports Raise Questions

Portlanders Desperate for Federal Housing Assistance Won’t Get It This Year

And You Can Probably Guess One Reason Why
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