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The Newcomers’ Guide to Portland 2016

The Official Guide for Those New to Portland, Who Don’t Know a Single Goddamn Thing.

A Newcomer, Helping Newcomers

Advice from Someone Who Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About

A Guide to Portland Places You Should Never Go

(While I’m There)

The Portland Music Scene Is Changing

(For the Better, Mostly)

Mass Transit: Reviewed

Succinct Critiques of the City’s More Popular Mass Transit Routes

Know Your Portland Beers!

You’re a Portlander Now—Drink Like It

People You Should Know

Portland Newbies? Meet the Portland Oldies (Who Are Totally Doing Rad Stuff)

New Portland Food for New Portland Humans

Eat These Dishes to Get a Taste for the Town

Fashion Do’s and Don’t You Dares

A Newbie’s Guide to Dressing in Portland

What Is the Deal with the Portland Streetcar?

Here’s What the Deal Is.

Don’t Be a Dope About Legal Weed

The Newcomers’ Guide to Oregon Pot Laws

How to Trick Someone into Letting You Live with Them

Appear to Be a Good Housemate with These Six Simple Secrets

Use Bike Share—But Don’t You Dare Mess Up!

A Helpful Guide to Biketown Success

Where to See a Play (Without Wanting to Murder Oneself)

Shut Up! It Can Be Done, and Your Date Will Be So Impressed

These Parks Are Okay

Responding to Portland’s Worst Public Park Yelp Reviews

Hey... Newbie’s Gotta Eat!

Navigating Portland’s Grocery Stores Like a Local

Meet Your POC Communities

Your People Are Here, and Here’s Where to Find Them
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