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Floating in Space

When Illustration Pays the Bills

Balancing the Books

Writer Kevin Sampsell Opens His Wallet

It's Time

TBA: 2014

Agenda: Arts & Performance, Fall 2014

Your Essential Fall Guide to Portland Culture

Time's Gonna Pass

Polly Dugan on Ambiguity, Loss, and How Tin House Taught Her to Write

Life in Art

Exploring PAM's Progressive History with Jen Delos Reyes

Last Days

The Legacy of Sci-Fi Writer Jay Lake

So Long, Amazon

Quitting Amazon Seems Hard. But in Portland, It's Super Easy

The Hustle

Three Nights in the Life of Stand-Up Amy Miller

Continuous Thread of Resistance

Walidah Imarisha on Poetry, Sci-Fi, and Radical Activism

Tell All

Comics Writer Matt Fraction Reveals the Secrets to His Success

Oregon authors

...are releasing books for every taste this year. Here's a sampling of what's on the horizon.

Portland's Portraitist

Michael Horwitz Will Draw Your Face

Profiling Five Portland Art Makers

A novelist, a stage manager, a comic book writer, and more.

Behind the Scenes

Nicole Gladwin Makes Theater Happen

Not a Writer's Writer

Charles D'Ambrosio Makes Literature a Better Place

The Complex Audience

Diversity in Portland Theater, Onstage and Off

Profiling Six Portland Art Makers

A comic, a director, a drag queen, and more.

Agenda: Arts & Performance, Spring 2014

Portland's Arts & Performance Guide

Three Steps to Greater Art Appreciation

"The Fact That Art Gets Made at All Is a Humanist Miracle You're Not Fit to Dismiss"

On Empathy

The Unsettling Sculptures of Tip Toland


Your Guide to the Portland Biennial

Theater Builder

Dámaso Rodriguez Is the New Public Face of Artists Rep

Prime Directive: Connect

Leo Daedalus Makes the Talk Show He Wanted to See

The Evolution of Kill Rock Stars

Is Comedy the New Punk Rock?

Money Is No Object

Theater—Not Just for Rich People!

Curtis Cook Says What He Wants to Say

One of Our Favorite Young Comics Talks Race, Podcasting, and Portland

Fact and Fiction

Tom Spanbauer Unpacks His Bags

Passion Project

It Only Took 20 Years to Get The Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window Staged at OSF

Spring Book Releases

Titles to Look for from Oregon Authors

The Chronology of a Queen

Kaj-anne Pepper on Treating Yourself Like You're Somebody

How to Be Alive Now

Ashley Hollingshead Talks Feminism, Destiny's Child, and Making Her Own Opportunities

Looking for Connection

NW Dance Project Keeps Sarah Slipper Busy, Busy, Busy
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