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Disenchantment Review: Matt Groening Takes on George R.R. Martin

... With Promising, If Mixed, Results

The Equalizer 2: Just Get to the Equalizing Already!

We’re Here for Equalizing, Not Exposition

Avengers: Infinity War Review: It’s Finally Here, and It’s Goddamned Enormous

More Is More When It Comes to Infinity Wars

A Quiet Place Review: A Startlingly Good Thrill Ride

The Apocalypse: Quieter Than Expected!

The Mercury's Favorite Movies of 2017: Okja

The Mercury’s Favorite Movies of 2017

Don’t Miss the Best, Funniest, and Weirdest Movies of the Year

Get Ready to Lose Your Damn Mind Over Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Believe the Hype. And Then Some.

Slicing into Psycho with 78/52

It’s a Deep Cut.

History, New York, and Todd Haynes’ Wonderstruck

A Film About Memories, Hope, and Time Travel

Ai Weiwei Captures an Overwhelming Human Flow

The Chinese Artist’s Film About the Global Refugee Crisis Packs a Wallop

Venture Inside the Brain of Stanley Kubrick—on 35 and 70mm

The Hollywood Theatre’s Quick, Essential “Kubrick on Film” Series

The Dark Pulp of Taylor Sheridan’s Wind River

Starring Jeremy Renner as a Guy Who Doesn’t Say Much

The Dark Tower: Stephen King's Big, Weird Magnum Opus Is Now a Short, Mediocre Movie

Maybe Just Reread the Books.

A Harrowing (and Uneven) 13 Minutes

Downfall Director Oliver Hirschbiegel Returns to Nazi Germany. Fun!

The Hollywood Theatre Celebrates Spielberg—in 35 and 16mm

Perfect Blockbusters, as They Were Meant to Be Seen

PIFF Notes

A Guide to the Portland International Film Festival’s 40th Year

Rings: That Creepy Dead Girl Just KEEPS COMING BACK

A Reboot with Duplication Errors

Elle and Paul Verhoeven’s Twisted Return

All Hail Isabelle Huppert!

Demon: Ugh, Who Invited the Possessed Guy?

He Better Not Puke Everywhere


Forget This Fact at Your Peril.

In Don't Breathe, the Fact That Stephen Lang Cannot See You Does Not In Any Way Mean That He Will Not Destroy You

Watch Out, Idiots, He Is Going to Fuck You Up

The New Ben-Hur: Same Chariot Race, Way More Jesus!

Remake Tightens Things Up, to Little Avail

An Appreciation of Michael Ironside (and Scanners)

Ironside Approaches!

Lights Out Offers a Steady Array of Oh-Shit Moments


The Infiltrator: Cocaine. Mustaches. Bryan Cranston.

Plus a Dash of Gangster Swagger

How to Talk Like Jeff Goldblum

Can You Talk Like Jeff Goldblum? Spoiler: No

The Conjuring 2 (Much of a Good Thing)

James Wan Returns to Horror. Try Not to Jump.

Not Even George Clooney Grinding Can Save Money Monster

Jodie Foster's First Movie in Five Years Is Toothless and Pedantic

Ratchet & Clank: PlayStation Redux

A Kids Movie That Fits in That Tier Just Below Pixar

Green Room: Shot in Oregon. Intense as Hell.

Director Jeremy Saulnier: "I Really Curate Each Scene to Have the Most Impact"

Going Back to the '80s with Jeff Nichols' Midnight Special

Friendly Reminder: Don't Trust Kids with Weird Powers.

Getting Trapped—and Thrilled—at 10 Cloverfield Lane

J.J. Abrams and Dan Trachtenberg Have Made One Hell of a Bunker Buster

London Has Fallen, and So Have Our Standards

In Which Gerard Butler Stabs Villains from Fuckheadistan.

Prepare Yourself for The Witch

Filmmaker Robert Eggers Discusses His Remarkable—and Terrifying—New Movie

Deadpool Is a Terrifically Faithful Adaptation of an Awfully Obnoxious Comic

Cue the Guns, Swords, and, Oh, so Many Jokes about Ball-Related Trauma

The Safe Satire of Our Brand Is Crisis

Our Brand Is Crisis Keeps Semi-Satire Safe

David Gordon Green Should Lose the Guardrails

Bridge of Spies' Cold War Skullduggery!

Spielberg Teams Up with the Coen Brothers, Nails It

Black Mass Is Another Excuse for Johnny Depp to Wear Goofy Makeup

Somebody Stop Letting Him in the Makeup Trailer!

Hitman: Agent 47 Fumbles for the Reset

Hitman: Agent 47 Fumbles for the Reset

Whee! Another Video Game Movie You Didn't Ask For!

Fantastic Four Is Grim, Gritty, and Boring

Fantastic Four Is Grim, Gritty, and Boring

Josh Trank's Superhero Reboot Gets a No-Prize

New Sensations

The Vibrant, Nuclear-Hued Glow of Tangerine

Nu-Metal Blues

Terminator Genisys and the Failure of Modern Hollywood

Acceptable Dub

Poltergeist Is a Classic. Here's a Remake!
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