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Bus Line Cutting MFer

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Meet More Dumb Parents

I Hate You

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Ignorant, Pot-Smoking Neighbors

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This Week’s Featured I, Anonymous!

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The main difference between nicotine & opioids

Kick me off nextdoor?

Actual Plea

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You Blew It

I Should Have Just Stood There

Redneck Racist

Turn right on red.


The left lane is for passing only.

Dear Roomie...

Sorry to Everyone Else

Requiem for the Trolls

The New PDX

Confession of a pdxcub

This Week’s Featured I, Anonymous!

Housing Crisis

An Ode to the Bumper Sticker

Heckin' Misplaced Priorities

Please Break It After You Shake It

Stranger Times

The Mutt



Crapital Investments

Thank You For Your Facebook Post

Stop Smoking

The Man


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