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Earth to Portland

End Unfair Immunity

Who the fuck YOU THINK YOU ARE?

this is a promise with a catch

I’m so confused

The Supreme Court of Hypocrisy

You and I have memories

Dear Senator Sinema

President Joe Rogan

Political Elites Again

You Are Shitty Parents (Part 2)

You Are Shitty Parents (Part 1)

Thoughts on I-5

What happened to Stephen Colbert?

Have a friend or loved one in an Oregon prison?


fatherhood is more than sperm donation

we shall overcome

Come the Fuck On!


New Yorkers for Kristof!

this is so awkword

Search Your Feelings

Carpetbagger says what?

Red Flag

for who would bear the whips and scorns of time

Pompous Jackass

Bye Felicia


Your time is up.

I’m Sorry I Blamed You

Dear Trump Supporters

I’m so tired. I can’t sleep

Sound chef?

Liebe ist ehrlich zu sich selbst

How many people do you need to maintain a lie?


No Surprise!!!

It's cold out.

I'm sorry, I had no idea

Portlandians are Human Garbage

Thank You Portland, You Rock!

Portland cops make the best comedians

the fuck without a mask in the LL hall at St. V's

UPS + USPS = You’re A Dumbass

I laughed at a man with no pants

Full of shit.

Beep beeeeeeeep!

Fuck Sean Hannity

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