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Live Review: Judas Priest at Moda Center, Sat June 22, 2019

Blazers Recap: The Blazers Shroud the Suns, 127-120!!

Blazers Recap: The Blazers Rock The Rockets, 110-101!

Blazers Recap: The Blazers Ring the 76ers' Bell, 129-95!!

Blazers Recap: The Blazers Muzzle The Timberwolves, 113-105!

Headbangers Con Review: The Nerd vs The Cynic

Record Review: Holy Grove, II

Blazers Recap: Damn. The Lakers Won, 114-110.

Blazers Recap: Blazers Silence Spurs Jingle-Jangle, 121-108!

Blazer Boosters: Unaffiliated Trail Blazer Believers

Nadine Records Uncovers Portland’s Eclectic Underbelly

The New Label’s First Releases Come from Nasalrod, Stress Position, and Barry Brusseau

A Conversation with Judas Priest Frontman Rob Halford

Blazers Recap: The Blazers Lock Up The Wolves, 108-99!

Coven Is Still Destroying Minds and Reaping Souls

Jinx Dawson Reflects on the Band’s Mystifying History

Blazers Recap: The Blazers Lap The Pacers, 100 to 86!

Blazers Recap: The Bucks Trample The Blazers, 103-91

Blazers Recap: The Blazers Get Snagged By The Nets, 101-97

Blazers Recap: The Blazers Quiet The Thunder, 103-99

Blazers Recap: The Clippers Barely Slip The Blazers, 104-103

Record Review

Nasalrod, Building Machines

Record Review: Maximum Mad, Dear Enemy

The Return of Zeke

After Hibernating for 13 Years, the Seattle Band Is Ready to Unleash Hellbender

Record Review

Gaytheist, Let’s Jam Again Soon

Misfortune and Misadventure

Chuck Goes a Step Past Rocky


The Masterful Play-By-Play of Blazers Radio Announcer Brian “Wheels” Wheeler

Blazers Recap: The Blazers Ground The Rockets, 117-107!!!

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