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The Long Odds of Poe Ballantine’s Whirlaway Pay Off

A Weird, Wonderful Yarn About Horse Races, Record Collectors, and Telepathic Dogs

Jason Heller’s Strange Stars Rehashes the Space-Obsessed ’70s

There's a Starman Still Waiting in the Sky

Islamophobia in the USA

American Islamophobia Reveals Our Nation’s Long History of Prejudice

Deep Inside the Malheur Standoff

Chosen Country Author James Pogue Was Embedded with the Bundys

Before Disney, There Was E.H. Shepard

A New Book Explores the Illustrator‘s Work with A.A. Milne

Rock ’n’ Roll Requiem: Steven Hyden’s Twilight of the Gods

The Journeyman Music Journalist Documents the Decline of Classic Rock

Ed Piskor’s X-Men: Grand Design Is a Comics Cliffs Notes for X-Men

Boiling Down 8,000 Pages of X-Men to a Six-Issue Arc

The Anti-Trump Book Club: Russian Roulette

Isikoff and Corn’s Book Compiles What We Know About the Trump-Russia Affair

Beth Pickens on Art as Self-Care

Your Art Will Save Your Life Is a Guide Book on Maintaining and Protecting Your Art in the Age of Trump

Pete Souza Reminisces About “What We Had”

The Presidential Photographer on the Visual and Political Legacy of the Obama Administration

Lindy West's Shrill Is Coming to Hulu

The Leafly Guide to Cannabis Is Dope

Finally, a Pot Primer Worth Recommending

Let’s Get Stoned with Bilbo and Chewbacca!

Everything You Need to Know About Pipe-Weed, Death Sticks, and Other Made-Up Drugs

Sloane Crosley’s Kinetic Intelligence

The Look Alive Out There Author on Egg-Freezing, Porny Uncles, and Queen Joan Didion

British Director Andrew Haigh on the Real-World Problems of Lean on Pete

A Boy, His Horse, and the Challenge of Adapting Willy Vlautin’s Sad, Wonderful Novel

Red Clocks: Speculative Lit at Its Finest

The Radical Potential of Leni Zumas’ Oregon Coast Dystopia

Cecile Richards, WYD?

The Outgoing Planned Parenthood President and Daughter of Badass Politico Ann Richards Prepares to Make Trouble

Jesse Ball’s Elusive Census

It’s like The Road, but About More Census-Taking and Down Syndrome

“Reality Disappoints Regularly” in Men and Apparitions

Lynne Tillman’s Latest Captures a Scourge of Modern Life

That Feeling When Your Friend Becomes a Nazi

Matthew Dickman's Third Book of Poetry Wrestles with White Supremacy in Portland

The Anti-Trump Book Club

Collusion, Impeachment Porn, and Things Said Over Beers

Shaun Scott on the Brokest Generation

Millennials Are Killing Lots of Things. Hopefully Capitalism Is Next.

Michelle McNamara Used True Crime for Good

Revisiting the I’ll Be Gone in the Dark Author’s Online Investigations

Annihilation Review: A Gorgeous, Terrifying, Spellbinding Trip into the Unknown

Alex Garland's New Film Is the Best Kind of Cinematic Experience

Steve Almond: “The Hippies Were Fucking Right”

The Bad Stories Author Reckons with the American Myths That Got Trump Elected

Surprises and Horrors in Full Bleed, Portland’s New Comics and Culture Quarterly

Also Included: Punk Rock, U-Boats, and Alan Moore Fighting a Demon

Introducing the Anti-Trump Book Club

Fire, Fury, and Why You Should Never Tell the American People What They Shouldn’t Read

Remembering the Extraordinary Ursula K. Le Guin

A Storyteller Who Defies Generalization

Technology—Helping You to Help Yourself

Podcasts and More: The New Media of Personal Growth

Become a Time Wizard!

Okay, Daniel H. Pink’s When Won’t Exactly Turn You into One—But It’s a Start

Colin Winnette’s Gripping Ghost Story of Decaying Civilization

The Job of the Wasp Tackles Orphan Lit, Gothic Mystery, and the Lies We Tell Ourselves

Ursula K. Le Guin, Beloved Portland Author, Has Died

Short-Form Comics You Will Love

Things of Beauty from Kevin Budnick, Anne Pomel, and More

Sung Yim’s Debut Is One to Watch

What About the Rest of Your Life Depicts Trauma and Recovery With No Empty Platitudes

Looking Back on the Best Books of 2017

Discussed: Jesmyn Ward, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Fascist Creeps, and Prog Rock

Shut Up About Nazi-Punching and Pick Up Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook

Mark Bray on Anti-Nazi Punks, Italian Feminist Witches, and How to Defeat an Ideology of Hatred

Kevin Young Goes Long on Cons

Why Do Americans Love Bullshit? The New Book Bunk Gets to the Bottom of It

In Fascism Today, Winning the Fight Against White Supremacy

Shane Burley’s Prescription for Fascism: A Mass Movement Rooted in Antifa Solidarity, Not Separatism

HRC Is Free

Why You Should Care About Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Second Act

Manhattan Beach Gets Good on Page 362

That’s When Something Finally Happens in Jennifer Egan’s New Book
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