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Hall Monitor: Portland’s Future Decongestants

While Abetting ODOT’s Rose Quarter Plans, the City Just Took a Step Forward

Portland Has Strict Standards For Outlawing Sidewalk Sitting—Unless Cops Ask

Now the recent decision to expand no-sit sidewalks has created a headache for Mayor Ted Wheeler

A New 200-Bed Shelter in Old Town Is Inching Forward

The City Just Approved Its Largest Affordable Housing Project in 50 Years

But Not Without Concerns About High Costs and Homelessness

Hall Monitor: Run the Block

High-Profile Complaints Have the PBA Winning More No-Sit Sidewalks

In Other News

Budget Cuts Amid Surging Tax Revenues? Homelessness Officials Prep for Winter.

Uber’s Bitterest City Council Foes Finally Have the Votes for a Crackdown

And They’re Completely Comfortable with Kicking the Company Out of Portland

Hall Monitor: The Earthquake Exemption

Should Building Owners Be Able to Duck Renter Relocation Payments While Performing Seismic Upgrades?

Hall Monitor: Investigate Sam Adams

New Allegations Against the Former Mayor Need to Be Investigated—No Matter What

The City Relents, Releases the Names of Unionized Workers

Police Watchdog Failed to do His Job After the Larry O'Dea Shooting, Investigation Finds

Four Former Assistant Chiefs Are Held Blameless

Former Mayor Sam Adams Sexually Harassed a Staffer, New Complaint Says

Adams Denies It

The City’s Fighting to Shield Union Members’ Names from a Right-Wing Group

But Just Two Months Ago, Officials Said They Were Public Records

In an Abrupt Move, the City's HR Director Is Resigning

Laundry Service and Restrooms Might Be Coming to Portland’s Homeless

As Ted Wheeler’s Frets About Spending, He’s Mulling Nearly $450,000 in New Cleanup Costs

The City Finally Has an Idea of How to Spend Its Housing Bond

Here’s What You Need to Know

Portland Once Again Finds a Parasite in its Water Supply

The Arts Tax Is Broken

Now the City Might Tweak It Without Asking Voters

Hall Monitor: Saltz’s Last Waltz

Facing a Stiff Challenge, Portland’s Longest Commissioner Is Hanging Up His Spurs

Oregon's $450 Million Plan to Widen I-5 Has Portlanders Preparing for War

But Can Activists Kill Another Highway Megaproject?

The City’s Now Using “No Camping” Signs to Deter Campers from Parks

And It Might Be Working?

Hall Monitor: Nick Fish’s Next Fight

Faced with a Cancer Diagnosis, the City Commissioner is Staying on the Job—And Mulling Next Steps
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