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Portland Lifts Ban on Duplexes, Triplexes, and Fourplexes

UPDATED: Dan Ryan Elected to Portland City Council

Hall Monitor: Crossing the Line

Hall Monitor: That Old Dusty Trail

I'm Out! And I'll Miss You.

In Other News

Sorel Is Staying Downtown and the City Might Get More Sweep Authority

Hall Monitor: The Relo War Approaches

Landlords and Tenant Groups Are Gearing Up for Their Biggest Skirmish Yet.

Portland’s Trying to Bring Displaced Residents Back to Their Old Neighborhoods.

Why Isn’t It Working?

Portland Has Settled Its Years-Long Beef with HomeAway

In Texts to Business Lobby, Mayor's Office Pledged to Dramatically Increase Portland's No-Sit Sidewalks

"Whatever It Takes," Mayor Ted Wheeler Wrote Last Year, After Columbia Threatened to Pull Out of Downtown

Hall Monitor: The Housing Bureau Goes Fishing

As Apartment Projects Slow, Can the City Convince Developers to Offer Cheap Units?

Hall Monitor: Waffle House

After a Reversal, Has Mayor Ted Wheeler Made Up His Mind on Renter Relocation Fees?

As the City Increases Camp Cleanups, It Wants Permission to Sweep State Land, Too

A Bill Before the Oregon Legislative Assembly Could Make That Happen

Hall Monitor: Wheeler’s War Chest

After a Year in Office, the Mayor Is Already on a Fundraising Spree

Portland Cops Might Scrap Their New $12 Million Records System

RegJIN Was Supposed to Revolutionize Police Data. Instead, It Just Costs a Lot.

Portland Has a Brand New Houseless Community

Advocates Say the Village of Hope is a Sanctuary, But the City’s Planning a Crackdown

Portland’s Bet on Forcing Developers to Build Affordable Housing Is Getting Lackluster Results

Now, Mayor Ted Wheeler Wants to Offer a Sweeter Deal

A New Self-Managed Homeless Village Just Sprang Up in Northeast Portland

The "Village of Hope" Sits on City-Owned Land, and Is the First Such Community to Emerge Under Mayor Ted Wheeler

Portland’s Small-Time Landlords Don’t Have to Follow Renter Protections

But as City Council Prepares to Reconsider, a New Study Suggests Thousands of Tenants Are at Risk

Hall Monitor: An Unexpected I-5 Roadblock

The Latest Concern Over the Rose Quarter Highway Project? Schoolchildren.

A New Report Suggests More than 24,000 Rental Units Aren't Subject to Portland's Strongest Tenant Protections

Mayor Ted Wheeler Isn't Sure a Change Is Called For

Oregon’s Constitution Has Shackled Portland’s $258 Million Housing Bond

Now, State Lawmakers Say They Have the Key

Former County Analyst Amanda Lamb is Now a Police Watchdog at the City

She Was Fired by the County For Sharing Racial Disparity Data

Northwest Portland Has Begun Denying Parking Permits to Some Apartment Residents

And Similar Policies Could Soon Spread to Other Areas

Portland's Unique Ban on New Fuel Terminals Isn't Unconstitutional, After All

But the City Still Needs to Do Work Before It Goes Into Place

The Best Tweets to @TedWheeler

This Mayor Doesn’t Transcribe Voicemails. You Found a Way to Be Heard Anyway

Remember the Top Stories of 2017 With Us

Then Put It Behind You Forever

Hall Monitor: Scoff Medicine

Portland Probably Misspent Millions in Utility Funds. It’s Finally Paying Some Back.

A New Fee Meant to Spruce Up City Streets Has Property Owners Enraged

It’s Also Got City Officials Contemplating Bizarre Workarounds

Hall Monitor: Crossing Columbia

Mayor Ted Wheeler’s Office Has Been Quietly Looking to Expand Sidewalk Regulations for Months, an Aide Says
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