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Did Prosecutors Go Too Far in Clearing a Cop in a 2014 Killing?

A New Audit of Police Shootings Says Yes

Hall Monitor: Waffle House

After a Reversal, Has Mayor Ted Wheeler Made Up His Mind on Renter Relocation Fees?

Portland Cops Might Scrap Their New $12 Million Records System

RegJIN Was Supposed to Revolutionize Police Data. Instead, It Just Costs a Lot.

In Other News

Quanice Hayes’ Family Plans to Sue. Landlord Loophole Will Close

Portland’s Small-Time Landlords Don’t Have to Follow Renter Protections

But as City Council Prepares to Reconsider, a New Study Suggests Thousands of Tenants Are at Risk

Hall Monitor: An Unexpected I-5 Roadblock

The Latest Concern Over the Rose Quarter Highway Project? Schoolchildren.

Former County Analyst Amanda Lamb is Now a Police Watchdog at the City

She Was Fired by the County For Sharing Racial Disparity Data

A Cop Lied to Get a Portland Activist to Stop Filming

The Police Bureau Says That’s Completely Fine

Conditions Are “Inhumane” for Kids at a Jail in The Dalles, a New Report Says

Jail Officials Call Findings “Over-Exaggerated and Sensationalized”

Hall Monitor: Run the Block

High-Profile Complaints Have the PBA Winning More No-Sit Sidewalks

Multnomah County’s Jail is a Devastating Place for Mentally Ill People

Officials and Advocates Are Attempting to Make the System Less Terrible

The ACLU Just Filed the First of Several Lawsuits Over Recent Police Protest Tactics

It Hopes to Stop Cops from Using a Controversial “Kettle” Maneuver

A Presentation on Portland’s Racial Biases Has Officials Flipping

They’ve Gotten a Recording Scrubbed from the Web, and Say It’s Inaccurate

Police Watchdog Failed to do His Job After the Larry O'Dea Shooting, Investigation Finds

Four Former Assistant Chiefs Are Held Blameless

Hall Monitor: Danielle Outlaw Wants a Helper

Turns Out the Police Chief’s Been Planning a Big Change for Bureau Leadership.

The City’s Now Using “No Camping” Signs to Deter Campers from Parks

And It Might Be Working?

Why the Larry O'Dea Shooting Still Matters

His Lies (and Lies by Omission) Linger as Portland Awaits a New Police Chief
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