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Full of Secrets

Revisiting The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer

M. Night Shyamalan's Bananas Split

The Twist Is That It's Okay!

Embrace the Blood and Guts of the PDXtreme Film Fest

In These Dark, Dark Days

Calling the Spirits of Ouija

What Is the Origin of Evil? (Hint: It’s Made by Hasbro)

In Which We Revisit the Woods of the Blair Witch

And Get Sad Because They’re Exactly the Same

And I'm Out!

A Thing of Wonder and Revulsion: John Waters’ Multiple Maniacs

John Waters’ Long Lost Classic Is Simply Divine.

Kubo and the Two Strings Is as Good as It Looks

Laika’s Newest Is Sooooo Pretty

Ambition and Friendship in Don’t Think Twice

Mike Birbiglia’s Latest Is a Bittersweet Look at Growing Up in Comedy

The E-Bike Is the Perfect City Bike

How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Hills and Love E-Biking

Nobody Needs Finding Dory

But at Least Pixar Made It Better Than Finding Nemo

It's a Good Time for the Positivity of Deee-Lite's Lady Miss Kier

Won't You Listen to What the DJ's Spinning?

Bridgetown: THE WORM! and Photos

Bridgetown Day 4: Here's What I'm Checking Out

Bridgetown Day 2: Baked with Brendon Small and Steve Agee

The Comedy Onslaught Begins: Bridgetown Fest Kick-Off Show

Portland's Horror Film Fest Pushes the Boundaries

A Two-Day Bonanza of Scary Movies!

The Mausoleum (AKA The Coolest Place Ever) Is Open on Monday!

Joe Hill's Still on Fire with New Novel The Fireman

The Author Talks Plague Novels and Comic Books

Scott Aukerman on Seven Years of Comedy Bang! Bang!

The Live Podcast Hits Town

We Have Questions for Guy Maddin!

But Not Any Answers about The Saddest Music in the World

Barry Gifford Is Wild at Art

Of Famous Writers and Star-Crossed Lovers

Italians Do It Better—with a Demons and Rats Double Feature!

Sleaze! Gore! Demons and Rats Galore!

Time Traveling with Daniel Clowes' Patience

Talking about His New Graphic Novel

Watertrough Saloon: Dusting off a Time Capsule

Edging Out of the 1970s at the SE Hawthorne Dive

The Pride (and Prejudice and Zombies) of Jane Austen

It's Not the Shambling Mess You Might Have Expected!

Snerfling with Comic Genius Maria Bamford

The Wonderful Weirdo Talks Pugs and TV Shows

Exercise Is Not Going to Fix Your Body

But Biomechanist Katy Bowman Says Movement Might

The Purrrfection of Cat Yoga

(Insert Joke Here About Downward Dog)

The Snowy Mazes of Keith Lee Morris' Travelers Rest

Exploring the Ghost Town of Good Night, Idaho

Attn. Unrepentant Gorehounds!

Portland Gets a Genre Film Fest with PDXtreme

Put On Your Splatter Poncho.

Monster Mashing with Victor Frankenstein

So Much Yelling! So Many Body Parts! So Little Fun!

Our Madonna Halloween Costume Guide

Notes from the 2015 All Jane Comedy Fest

Dress You Up: Our Madonna Halloween Costume Guide!

She Knows How to Give Good Face

Talking Pop and Buffy with Churches' Lauren Mayberry

Talking Pop with Chvrches' Lauren Mayberry

Of Buffy, Goonies, and a Kick-Ass Sophomore Album

A Newcomers' Guide to Making Friends

Or, How to Sweat with a Bunch of People

In The Visit, a Teenage Rapper Gets Shit Rubbed in His Face

In The Visit, a Teenage Rapper Gets Shit Rubbed in His Face

Thanks a Lot, M. Night Shyamalan

Which Pet Is Right for You?

Which Pet Is Right for You?

Tracking down the perfect animal companion with a Mercury flowchart.

Heading John Waters' Way?

Hitchhiking with the Prince of Puke in Carsick

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day!

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