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"White Privilege is the Reason the Bundys are Free."

Prosecutors Say the Racist Who Ran Down Larnell Bruce “Cannot Be Rehabilitated”

He Was Let Off the Hook for a Violent Assault Just Last Year

DNA Matches Found in Oregon's Rape Kit Backlog

In Other News

Smooching Fire Chief! The 48-Hour Rule Lives! Cops Bungle Their Own Rules! Crime Is Down!

$5,000 Reward for Information on the Portland Cat Stabber

62 People Killed by Police in the Past 30 Days

Let's Catch the Portland Cat Stabber

Are Portland's "Gang Related" Crimes Really Gang Related?

Bike Thief Caught... Wait. He Steals Goats, Too?

County Prosecutors Say Portland's Camping Ban Is Legit

Serial Update: The Deal With Jay, According to Jay

One Millionaire's Brave Stance Against Lunch Thieves

The NFL, Domestic Violence, and #WhyIStayed

The City's Gang Violence Is On The Rise. Again.

Combatting Rape on College Campuses

Military Sexual Assault Bill Dies in the Senate

Woody Allen's Defenders and Rape Culture

YOU Be the Detective: Stolen Car Edition

Terrible Headline of the Day


NSFW (the W is for Wussies)

The Best (Miniature) Car Chase You'll See All Day!

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