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Paranormal Reactivity

Paranormal Activity 3: Still Scary!

I'm a Male Daycare Worker

Tales of Straight White Male Caregiver Who Is (Surprise!) Not a Pervert

Aiming to Please

That's a Hobo, All Right. And He Certainly Has a Shotgun.

Leave It

The Beaver: The Worst Puppet Show Ever!

An Interview with Author Mike Sacks

One Funny Note

Mike Sacks: From Killer Robots to Cuddle Parties

VHS Nightmares: Blood Diner

VHS Nightmares: Revenge of the Living Dead Girls

Jaws vs. Jesus

Soul Surfer: Hanging 10 with the Power of Christ

The Pickup Artist

Hitting the Clubs with Members of Portland's Seduction Community

And a Katy Perry Shall Lead Them

Where to Get Your Free Radiohead Newspaper

Spring Films to Look Forward To/Dread

Creepy Roommate Creates Lo Mein Sex Doll

PSU is a Nazi Liberal Alien Conspiracy!

Meme of the Moment: Fuck Yeah Nouns

Shadow Play

Vanishing on 7th Street: B-grade Actors Chewing the Scenery. In the Dark.

Sheen Family Circus

I Declare Today "Charlie Sheen Day"

WSJ: All Single Men Are Spoiled Manbabies

The Map of Metal

Download Radiohead's New Album... Now!!!

The Laziest Minstrel

Big Momma's Back. Again.

Why I Can't Blog About Glee Anymore

What is Your Reaction After Watching This PSA?

Leaving Daniel Baldwin in Stripperland

Permanent Vacation

Just Go with It: Adam Sandler and His Rich Pals Go to Hawaii

Gleegasm: Tenderoni

Someone in Georgia Will Do Anything For You

Beavis and Butthead to Return


"Assassin" Defined

The Mechanic Is a Movie for Stupid People

Lady Gaga Smells Like Blood and Semen

Vinny Vidi Vici - Jersey Shore to Film in Italy!

America's Next Homeless Star!

Laugh Now, But One Day it Might Be You

Jersey Shore - It's "Good" Again!

"Sorry for slavery. We didn't mean to."

I'm Going Out

What Is It? I Dunno!

Love Hurts

Blue Valentine: An Autopsy of a Marriage

Good Morning Simpsons Porno!

Erotic Secrets From the Mousetrap Bathroom

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