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Here’s What It Means

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Preparing for the worst

Wondering What You Can Do? A Lot.

Here are Some Good Places to Start

We Can’t Go On. We’ll Go On.

When You Feel Despair Coming On, Remember That You Live in Oregon

Why Protesting Trump Now Is So Important

The World is Watching

Why We March

Portland Despises Donald Trump With a Special Passion

Local Activists Are Hoping to Put That Hate to Good Use

America Has Been Marinating in White Supremacy for Hundreds of Years

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No, New York Times, I Will Not Give President Trump “a Chance”

Why Donald Trump Doesn’t Deserve a Chance

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Portland High School Kids are Skipping School to Protest Trump

Guest Editorial: The Changemakers of Tomorrow

Don't Forget, Violence and Vandalism Provides Support to Trump

Harry Reid Gives ’Em Hell

Wondering What You Can Do? A Lot. Start Here.

No, I Will Not Give Trump a Chance.

Why Protesting Trump Now Is So Important

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