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Three Identical Strangers Is Heartwarming, Then Haunting

Tim Wardle’s Compulsively Watchable Documentary Goes to Dark Places

Nancy Review: More Frustrating Than Mysterious

A Movie in Which Very Little Actually Happens

The 23 Best Films To Watch This Week: July 13-19

The Dark Crystal and Indiana Jones in 70mm, Shane Carruth's Primer, and a Robot Film Festival

Sergio Leone and the Enduring Allure of the Spaghetti Western

Revisiting (and Reexamining) Clint Eastwood’s Man with No Name Trilogy

Whitney Review: An In-Depth Look at a Troubled Superstar

A Documentary About One Moment in Time

Ant-Man and the Wasp Finally Gets Paul Rudd Right!

My Only Gripe with This One Is That You Need to See Ant-Man First

The 16 Best Films To Catch in Portland Theaters This Week: Jul 6-12

Featuring Jimmy Stewart, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Terrorvision

Westwood Captures the Spirit of Vivienne Westwood

A Wide-Ranging Doc About the Fashion Designer and Activist

Leave No Trace Review: An Extraordinary Oregon Story

Longest Camping Trip Ever!

The 15 Best Films to Catch in Portland Theaters This Week: Jun 29-Jul 5

Sam Peckinpah and Shaquille O'Neal, Together at Last

GLOW’s Second Season Proves It’s the Most Relevant Show on TV

Don’t Be Fooled by the Spandex

Point/Counterpoint: Should I Go to Jurassic World?

The Texture of Falling Review: Like Portland, Except Boring

A Portland-Set Wreck of a Meta-Drama

Don’t Get Your Feminism from The Misandrists

Bruce LaBruce Is Like John Waters with More Porn

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Review: Whoa! What the Fuck!

This Movie Is Fuckin’ Nuts!

Yellowstone Review: Ace Screenwriter Taylor Sheridan Tries TV

Angry Kevin Costner Is Fun! The Rest Is... Not as Fun

The 27 Best Films to Catch in Portland Theaters This Week: June 22-28

Featuring Ingrid Bergman, Howard Hawks, and Bill and Ted

Here to Be Heard Offers a Shallow Look at the Slits

Ari Up’s Absence Is Keenly Felt in New Documentary

Hearts Beat Loud Review: Cute, Quirky, and Boring as Hell

Sorry, Nick Offerman :(

Tag Review: Four Grown Men Play Tag, Hit Each Other in Balls

Ah! Fine Cinema!

Tim Burton Prepares Dumbo for the Elephant Graveyard

Incredibles 2 Review: Brad Bird Gets This Close to a Classic

A Solid Sequel to the Best Superhero Movie Ever

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Puts Mr. Rogers on a Pedestal

But Would He Want to Be There?

The 28 Best Films to Catch in Portland Theaters This Week: June 15-21

Starring Pee-Wee, the Ghostbusters, and the Muppet Babies!

With On Cinema Live!, Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington Make Cinema Great Again

How a Goofy Web Series Became One of Our Sharpest Cultural Satires

Ocean’s 8 Review: What’s Not to Like?!

This Movie Has Women’s Empowerment and Beautiful Jewelry!

Hotel Artemis Review: A Film Fully Stocked with Oddballs

Case in Point: Jeff Goldblum Plays "The Wolf King of Malibu"

A Real-Life Heist Is Recreated in American Animals

The Part-Scripted, Part-Documentary Mashup Works (Mostly)

Hereditary Review: A Brilliant Horror Film That’ll Leave You Drenched in Sweat

Hope You Like Jump Scares and Family Trauma!

Sense8, Group Sex, and the Wachowskis’ Happy Ending

Netflix’s Underrated Series Gets a Sensual Conclusion

The Gospel According to André Offers a Glimpse Into the Life of Fashion Icon André Leon Talley

Fashion! Politics! Friendship!

The 27 Best Films to Catch in Portland Theaters This Week: Jun 8-14

Muppets, Kung Fu, and Back the Future Part II

How to Watch a Movie in Portland

How to Talk to Girls at Parties Review: A Punk Disappointment

Wait, Nicole Kidman’s Playing a Punk?

Upgrade Review: Poor Man’s RoboCop Meets Working-Class Black Mirror

A Schlock Sci-Fi Action Thriller That’s Fun as Hell

The 14 Best Films to Catch in Portland Theaters This Week: June 1-7

Including Mountain, Ninja 3: The Domination, and 2001 on 70mm

After 15 Years, the Groundbreaking Anime FLCL Is Back

Adult Swim Revives the Insane, Mile-a-Minute Show

Academy Theater Doubles Down on Repertory Screenings

No AC? Go to the Movies!

Portland Summers Are Hot. Movie Theaters Are Cool!

A Guide to Getting the Most Out of Solo

Load Up Your Queue with Silverado, Atlanta, Fleabag, and More!

Beast Review: A Vortex of Desire and Denial

A Glimpse Into the Wildness Within

Solo: A Star Wars Story Review: This Movie Shouldn’t Work. It Does.

Now When Does Lando Get His Own Movie?
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