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Hobbyists Beware

The Rise of Debaser

Serious About the Scene

Eleven Years of POH-Hop

Disappearing Act

The Return of Chris Riser

Gambling Man

Sapient Kills it to Death

Two Heads

DJ Void and Fogatron Step to Dubstep

Redemption Rhymes

Luck-One Makes Up for Lost Time

Starting from Scratch

The Rise of DJ FlipFlop

Hello Gouseion

Gouseion: Big in Japan

Gods Among Mortal Men

Sandpeople Stand Tall

Tall Tales

Mic Crenshaw Is Larger than Life

Rip City: Rap City

Alphabet Stew

Rip City: Rap City


Hail to the Chief

Vote Murs

Spit it Then Quit It

The Last Mustached Waltz of Josh Martinez

Down on Animal Farm

It's Not an Orwellian Political Allegory

Chaucer Tales

Copacrescent and the New Truth

The Holy Trinity

Josh Martinez on Weed, Beer, and Women

Born to Rhyme

Good Rapper, Poor Speller

Rep Christ

The Emcee and the Lord Above

King Cool

The Conundrum of Cool Nutz

The Golden Age

Gabriel Teodros Takes You Way Back

Blame Canada

Buck 65 Is Totally Original. Totally.

Get Weirder

Busdriver and Hiphop Now
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